About us

Shai beauty Shop is a skincare brand with a difference. Our brand is conceptualized, formulated and produced by a Board-certified Dermatologist. Ensuring the safety of all products as well as the efficacy of the creams. The first few products that are launched ensure that even people with busy schedules can look after their skin with ease and achieve the skin that they deserve. We then hope to build on this and get more refined and specialized products for those with more time and a greater skincare requirement.
The difference in shopping from Shai beauty shop as compared to many other brands which are available in the market is when you buy something from another shop your journey ends there, whereas at Shai Beauty shop your journey starts there; because we give you support! Our Expert Dermatologist – Dr Shaista Kazi will share tips & tricks with you on how to use the products at the optimum time and in an optimum way to get the best results suited for your skin. We also suggest to you what will work with your skin type, how to build, which steps to omit in summer, winter and which one to add. So, your skincare then becomes our lookout!

Once you buy a product from us you become a part of the SHAI family, we welcome you. Happy Shopping!!!

All our products are 100% cruelty-free, FDA approved, Paraben & SLS free, ISO certified and Hypoallergenic. You can close your eyes and use them – they are made and suitable for all skin types, tones and textures.

FOUNDER- DR Shaista Kazi
Our founder is Dr Shaista Farooqui Kazi, a Board-certified Dermatologist who has further travelled the world for her super-specializations. She is running her own two clinics in the heart of Mumbai for almost a decade. She continues to update herself with the latest in Medical Technology be it lasers, skincare products, injectables, or minor surgical procedures.
During COVID she did a lot of research into what products suit her patients best, after a test run, she launched the products in the clinic and seeing the fabulous response she got from patients of different skin types, she decided to launch it in a big way so that many more people can benefit from her knowledge and gain the skin that they deserve. Dr Shaista’s aim is to ensure our products are able to provide you with premium medical-grade skincare products at a very affordable price, as our main aim is to see Shai products in every house and see every face and everyone’s skin glowing!

Shai the brand is about creating a stage in your life of unconditional self love !

The aim of our founder Dr Shaista Kazi is to make you feel like you felt at the best time of your life – maybe your college days, when you were newly married, started your dream job, when your skin didn’t trouble you and when you were always glowing you hardly needed any make-up and you still felt confident and fresh. That is the result we want to give you irrespective of your age and skin type and if you look after your skin a little and use our products in the correct manner, we can assure you to get that feeling – to fall in love with yourself again and feel confident Anywhere Anytime with or without any crutches like make-up/dressing etc.

Dr. Shaista Farooqui Kazi
Founder & Director

Certified ISO Company
Made In India

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